In their first full length duet, Rudi and Julia reveal a distinguished sensibility to create intimate and unique worlds on stage, where pure rawness and elegancy merge at once. ZERO is not just a visually mesmerising duet but also a sonically immersive piece presented with a surround sound score, submerging the audience into a sound bath.

The symbiotic connection between the two dancers and the synchronicity of their movement brings an entrancing effect to the viewer. Powder like stardust lies on the floor shaping a circle surrounding the performers that morphs as the piece unfolds and leaves a swirling print on stage at the end of the show.

ZERO was commissioned by mac birmingham and supported by DanceXchange, Ace Dance and Music, La Caldera & Shawbrook. The duet was premiered in October 2016 at mac birmingham and has toured in the UK & Internationally including Daegu International Dance Festival (S.Korea), M1Festival(Singapore), OpenLook International Dance Festival (Russia). The 15min extract of ZERO won 1st Prize at Madrid Choreography Competition & the Tanja Liedtke Prize at Hannover International Choreography Competition. Rudi & Julia were commissioned by The Movement, a partnership between Sadler’s Wells, The Lowry & Birmingham Hippodrome, to re-work the extract for large scale stages & be presented at Sadler’s Wells & The Lowry Dance:Sampled 2018. 

The concept zero has Eastern origins. It embraces with it the notion of nothingness, where everything and anything can arise.

'In a way it was the beginning of Humanhood's universe, as it is the first full length duet we created. 

When we were in the studio we were drawn into the space between our two bodies. We explored the interconnection of movement between us from a subtle inner place, drawing in from what we learned during our three months research in India and searching for a process, a cycle, a circle, a zero. We were consciously digging into our own self and ultimately asking ourselves what is our contribution to dance.' - R&J

Zero Team 1200X960

Artistic Direction, Choreography and Performance: Rudi Cole and Júlia Robert 
Sound Design & Composition: Iain Armstrong
Lighting Design: Horne Horneman
Costume Design: Mark Howard
Musicians: Gyda Valtysdottir (cello & voice), Alex Forster, Xhosa Cole, Azizi Cole and Shahzad Ismaily
Dramaturgy: Lou Cope
Rehearsal Assistant: Shanelle Clemenson
Special thanks to Rachel Krische-Duenas

Commissioned by mac birmingham. Funded by Arts Council England. Supported by DanceXchange, Pasoa2, La Caldera, Shawbrook. ACE Dance&Music.

ZERO Re-worked Artistic Team:
Artistic Direction, Choreography and Performance: Rudi Cole and Júlia Robert Lighting Design: Tom Visser
Costume Design: Mark Howard.
Sound Design & Composition: Iain Armstrong
String Composition: Xhosa Cole
Solo cellist: Gyda Valtysdottir
Rehearsal Assistant: Jorge Crecis
String Musicians: Victory Groves, Ruth Angell, Francis Gallagher, Sarah Farmer 
Commissioned by The Movement Partnership: Sadler’s Wells, The Lowry Birmingham Hippodrome.