A return to the tribal, where rhythm takes over the performers and the viewer. 

After the success of duet ZERO, Humanhood brings for the first time unto the stage: Torus, a production for five exceptional dancers that morph into stunning live breathing compositions. Merging Humanhood’s unique synergy and powerful liquid movement into a tribal hurricane of effortless fluidity where bodies move as one on stage.

Torus, defined in geometry as a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three dimensional space around an axis coplanar with the circle, and commonly known as a donut for its shape, is found everywhere in nature, from an apple to the Earth’s magnetic field, and described in Eastern practices as the energetic field.

For this production, Rudi and Julia interacted with Taiwanese percussion group Ten Drum, at their base in Tainan city, and brought the tribal and earthly sounds to fuse with Birmingham based electronic duo EIF, creating a entrancing original sound score. 

This brand new work is commissioned by Birmingham Dance Hub, DanceXchange, Sadler's Wells, Sismògraf and supported by La Caldera, RocaUmbert, Birmingham University, The Place. Funded by Arts Council England and ICEC. Torus has premiere at Festival Sismògraf in Olot (Catalonia) and performed across the UK including The Patrick Centre (Birmingham), DanceCity (Newcastle) and The Lowry (Manchester). It has also been performed at Mercat de les Flors for Festival Grec Barcelona 2019 and Pams Link/SIDance in Seoul, S.Korea.

From one to two and many, Torus was a natural evolution from ZERO.

'This work is a physical, mental and spiritual process, holding the stage as a sacred place. We are interested in how the individuals in synchrony can create an ever evolving entity, becoming space and time itself, expanding out from the core/heart and imploding into singularity, like the centre point of a Torus. Rhythm will become visual, sonic and kinesthetic.' - R&J

Torus Simon Tang Lowres

Concept, Artistic Direction & Choreography: Júlia Robert Parés and Rudi Cole (Humanhood)
Performance: Humanhood company dancers
Light Design: Tom Visser with Humanhood
Costume Design: Mark Howard
Music & Composition: Kamil Boguslawski and Kamil Ilcewicz (EIF)
Music Mastering: Alex Forster
Set Design: concept by Humanhood built by ARTEM
Percussion: Huang Zhiwei (Ten Drum Art Percussion Group) & Rudi Cole recorded at Ten Drum Cultural Centre, Taiwan. Voice: Júlia Robert

In collaboration with Birmingham University Physics and Astrophysics Department. 
Commissioned by Birmingham Dance Hub, DanceXchange and Sadler's Wells. 
Researched as part of Choreodrome (The Place)
Supported by La Caldera, RocaUmbert. 
Funded by Arts Council England.

Photography by