SPHERA is a visually impactful outdoor duet for non- conventional spaces that explores the relationship between the visible, bright side of the Moon and humankind; the luminous moonlight that we see from planet Earth and illuminates our nights. SPHERA is a dance of liquid bodies that change and morph under the influence of the Earth's spherical satellite: the Moon.

SPHERA is danced on a circle of white astro turf 7m in diameter with a 360 surround sound design. This production has evolved from [and complements] the darker ORBIS (2017), performed with black capes on black astro turf. 

Premiered in September 2020 at Greenwich&Docklands International Festival (Dancing City) in London.

"Let there be light"

'Sphera was created during the covid outbreak which included the lockdown period that a large number of us experienced. It was created in and out of the dance studio, and one of our emphasis was that it had to allow for a big sense of freedom while dancing it. Honestly, we never had so much fun creating a piece like we did with Sphera. The restricted conditions somehow pushed us to reframe the creation process and make it an embracing place where we generated our own rules that were based solely on lightness and freedom. 
This piece speaks about the moon we all see shinning in the sky, but it also expresses the fact that we all have a light within, a North Star, that guides us, even in challenging times.' R&J

Sphera 1211  1200X900

Choreography, Set Design and Performance: Rudi Cole & Julia Robert 
Costume Design: Julia Robert & Rudi Cole
Music Composition & Sound Design: Iain Armstrong in collaboration with R&J
Supported by RocaUmbert 
Funded by Arts Council England