Repertoire & Creative Workshops

Repertoire & Creative Workshops

Dancing to the original soundtracks, you will get to experience what it is like to move in Humanhood’s works.

Repertoire sessions offer an insight into the ideas and the movement repertoire of each company production. It is an opportunity to learn in detail the different movement sequences and the intention behind them, receiving information about the mental application and internal state of the company dancers when performing the work.

During the Creative sessions Julia and Rudi share some of their choreographic tools and movement quality. This in an opportunity for dancers who are interested in getting to know more about the creative process of the company and are interested in working closely with Rudi and Julia, as well as young artists and movers who would like to develop their choreographic skills. These workshops are delivered by Rudi and Julia, or/and Humanhood’s company dancers.

Grasping the Detail

'The repertoire and creative sessions are an expansion from HumanhoodPractice, where we focus on grasping the detail, the pathways of the choreography and the quality of the movement vocabulary within set sequences. We like to share with dancers how we feel when we perform, and this is an opportunity for them to embody and experience part of that journey.' Julia & Rudi