Immerse into an outdoor spectacle that will take you beyond the realms of planet Earth. 

A visually astonishing outdoor duet that explores the relationship between humankind and Earth’s permanent natural satellite: the Moon. Performed as a contemporary ritual, revisiting the mystical place the Moon holds in the history of human culture. 

Set in the round, Orbis is accompanied by a 360 degree surround sound score and a circular black astroturf where the dancers perform with volatile black and silvery capes.

Orbis has been commissioned by Without Walls, Brighton Festival, Norfolk&Norwich and Déda. It was part of the Without Walls touring network and has toured and continues to tour extensively in the UK, including Greenwich & Docklands International Festival and Birmingham Weekender, as well as Internationally including renowned Tàrrega Festival in Catalonia, Tercera Setmana in Valencia and Cirk!Aalst in Belgium. This piece is often performed in conjunction with The Museum of the Moon art installation by Luke Jerram.  

Premiered in March 2017 at Brighton Festival.

"The collaboration behind Orbis"

We like to bring our collaborators in the early stages of creation, sharing the vision of the work while nurturing the dialogue about the ideas underlying the piece, which often goes much beyond the work itself. For Orbis, together with costume designer and friend Mark Howard, we explored a costume that would flow, as the tides in the ocean affected by the Moon, and would also evoke the darkness of space surrounding its reflection of light. 

With Iain Armstrong, composer and sound designer, we created a surround sound experience, embracing the viewer in an immersive and cosmic experience. Deeper in the sound score we explored tones and qualities that would connect with the immensity of the sky and at the same time the ancient moon rituals of human tribes. - R&J

Orbis Bottom 1200X800

Choreography, Set Design and Performance: Rudi Cole & Júlia Robert Parés
Costume Design: Mark Howard
Music Composition & Sound Design: Iain Armstrong
Commissioned by Without Walls, Brighton Festival, Norfolk&Norwich and Déda. 
Supported by DanceXchange, Sa Nau and La Caldera.