Two nomads meet with instant recognition. Falling into the force of a vortex that brings them here, shaping the now. Merging the bodies in curves and falling into the pulse of the encounter. An animalistic crossing where instinct is the only thing left. 

Nomadis is Julia and Rudi’s first outdoor piece created in 2015. With no set and a simple but vibrant music score, the attention is drawn to the performers and the intensity of their gaze. Starting in a sinuous and calm atmosphere where the two dancers flow in what it seems a floorless ground it quickly grows into a thunderous and palpitated pace of energetic movement and ardent choreography.

Nomadis toured in the UK, including DancingCity in London and Key Festé in Peterborough, as well as Internationally including InterPlary Festival in Torino (Italy). It has also been selected for the Spanish outdoor touring network Red A Cielo Abierto, which included Cadiz en Danza, Trayectos in Zaragoza and Mosaicos in Tenerife. In 2018, Nomadis was performed as part of the CommonWealth Athlete’s Comecoming event at Victoria’s square in Birmingham.

The Rawness of Nomadis

'Nomadis is the essence of where we started. It is raw, direct and physical. It is our beginnings of exploring a mutual physicality. It keeps us connected with the animalistic side of movement and strips back to its pure state.' -R&J

9 1200X900

Choreography and Performance: Rudi Cole & Júlia Robert Parés
Recorded Music:  Alva Noto (Xerrox Monophaser 2), Swod (Fugitif1), Ricardo Donoso (Morning Criminal) and Yosi Horikawa (Wandering).
Supported by mac birmingham.