HumanhoodPractice is the core foundation of the company's movement language and physical exploration developed by Rudi and Julia. 

Inspired by the past decade of their experience, both in the Western training and the Eastern physical and spiritual approaches, including Tai-chi, Qi-gong, Moving Breath and Yoga, the sessions bring special awareness to the articulation of the spine while focusing on the state of mind and the groundless of the body.

The movements are circular, fluid and rhythmic, working with intention and totality and using the coordination between visualisation and breath. The practice pushes the limits of the mind and the stamina of the body. The whole experience is guided by Rudi and Julia, and supported by a sonic journey, recorded or live by EIF.

HumanhoodPractice is being taught around Europe with continuous sold out workshops, and is being introduced internationally, including Asia and Australia.

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The infinite pathway

'HumanhoodPractice is an ongoing discovery for us, it's a continuous playground, a sacred place where we use imagination and reconnect with our energetic potential. We focus on the spine as a channel to expand and unlock deeper states of awareness and sensitivity. Some people have described it as shamanic or spiritual, ultimately we are proposing an inwards experience connected with our source and the group.' - R&J