Humanhood Universe at Sadler’s Wells

Posted on May 26, 2018

Humanhood’s universe took over Sadler’s Wells for a specially curated evening as part of the popular Wild Card series, offering a bespoke evening of works curated by the next generation of dance makers, on Thursday 24 & Friday 25 May in the Lilian Baylis Studio.

Humanhood invited former collaborators, Iain Armstrong, sound designer, and Horne Horneman, light designer, to morph the spaces within the Lilian Baylis, creating an immersive world of light and sound. Mark Howard, fashion designer and painter, captured in a massive canvas the fluidity and intricacy of the three newly joined company dancers, Jill Goh, Connor Scott and Noa Genazzano, who performed an adapted snipped of Torus. Gyda Valtysdottir, Icelandic cellist and founder of renowned band múm, performed a solo with two bows and her unique approach. The evenings also featured video clips about the reserch of astrophysicist Prof. Chaplin and his collaboration with Humanhood. ZERO, a duet exploring the interconnections and synchronicity in the universe, was performed by Rudi Cole and Julia Robert, culminating the experience. 

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