‘We do not wish to solely entertain but to share an awareness and connect with something deeper.' Rudi & Julia

Our Journey


Humanhood Company was founded in 2016 by Birmingham and Catalan born artists Rudi Cole and Júlia Robert Parés, and since the creation of their first duet the company has a rapidly growing following both in the UK and International scene. Together, they have developed a unique symbiotic fluid movement language that lies at the core of their work, creating intricate choreographic patterns that merge into multilayered energetic shapes with flow and dynamism.

The research behind the work is rooted in physics and astrophysics, as well as in their personal insight into Eastern mysticism, fascinated by the connections that lie between these seemingly different fields and how these shape our human experience of ourselves. They collaborate with international artists to stage productions of high levels of artistic intricacy, merging energy-shifting sound, light and movement, transporting audiences to a place beyond the senses. 

Torus Void2


Humanhood’s much anticipated first group piece performed by the newly joined exceptional company dancers, merging the energetic synergy and physical vocabulary into a tribal hurricane of effortless fluidity. 

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Zero 1200X1200


In their first full length duet, Rudi and Julia reveal a distinguished sensibility to create intimate and unique worlds on stage, where pure rawness and elegancy merge at once.

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Orbis V2 1200X1200


A visually astonishing outdoor duet performed in the round that explores the relationship between humankind and Earth’s permanent natural satellite: the Moon.

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Nomadis 1200X1200


Two nomads meet with instant recognition. Falling into the force of a vortex that brings them here, shaping the ‘Now’. Merging the bodies in curves and falling into the pulse of the encounter.

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